Our mission to make the world a better place

We are committed to maximise joy creativity and productivity in the spaces we create, whilst minimising the use of energy within buildings & to reduce the environmental impact of construction.

As buildings contribute to over 40% of the world’s energy consumption, and considerably more if you factor in the embodied energy and the construction process, the construction industry has the gift and ability to make the most significant impact in reversing climate change. We believe it is possible to create buildings of minimal environmental impact, and which enhance the feeling of living with nature. As a co-founder of the UK's first digital health platform in 2000, Channel Health PLC, Paul has an uncommon depth of knowledge about personal well-being and how our built environment can be designed and balanced to promote the best outcomes for fulfilled and successful lives.

Zero-energy, Eco buildings & Passivhaus

The Passivhaus process consists of modelling the proposed building in the passivhaus planning package (PHPP). This gives the opportunity to optimise the orientation with size of window openings and associated selection of construction materials. The aim is to balance the energy received from the sun and other gains with the losses through the fabric. It is proven to be a reliable methodology when measured in use, thereby minimising the ‘performance gap’ between the anticipated and the achieved.

If there are mitigating circumstances where the full Passivhaus standard is not achievable there are other standards to aim for such as the AECB Building Standard – this follows the full passivhaus methodology still achieving an exceptional performance.

Our Enerphit renovation project in Kingston London is successfully modelled to the full Passivhaus standard.


Materials, embodied energy & modern methods of construction

Reducing the embodied carbon in buildings is a challenge.  Many building materials have a high energy demand in their creation and transportation so we aim to reduce that; we are collaborating with groups trying to minimise the energy impact of concrete.  Being a lover of natural forests we believe judicious extraction of timber is required to preserve natural flora and fauna of forests.


Reinterpreting the ‘oasis’ creating healthy walkable communities

How we design environments has a direct impact on the environmental impact – we always aim to create walkable environments with good connection with the ground.  Illustrated is an extract from the Oman Convention Centre masterplan, where the Omani tradition of ‘oases’ are reintroduced, to allow the entire development to be walkable, between schools and the different residential communities.


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Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) and balancing the energies of spaces

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) and balancing the energies of spaces

Having trained with many specialists in earth energies, dowsing, and electromagnetic frequencies Paul advocates that the negative effects of electromagnetic frequencies be mitigated. There are simple practical ways to achieve this, which is best done at the design stage of a new or renovation building project.

Similarly with the knowledge how natural daylighting enhances our performance, and artificial lighting can do the opposite, we aim to enhance natural light and fresh air – all to create the perfect environment for you to thrive.

Prosperity & Harmony with Feng Shui

Prosperity & Harmony with Feng Shui

Feng Shui relates to the placing, order and energy of the environment.  Having studied feng shui for over 20 years this gives us an intrinsic understanding of harmony which we incorporate into our design projects.

“Paul Cayford, … prescribed feng shui fixes for my apartment, I was reminded of a conversation we had about Paul coming to your offices, both to heal any remaining energy from the past, but also to streamline the flow in your existing setup….  I urge you to.  Note, when we implemented his suggestions in the loft, the aim being to get the place sold, exactly that happened, the NEXT DAY.” Shelley von Strunckel (astrologer)


Nature & Biophilia

Each location has its unique plant life where specific collections of species thrive, this gives a unique ‘place’ as well as encouraging wildlife.  We strive to find this sense of ‘local place’.

Let us create something amazing together.

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