The AECB standards  provide a more accessible way of achieving a low energy certification than full Passivhaus;  whilst the AECB standards are based on the passivhaus methodology and require projects to be modelled in PHPP,  the energy and air tightness targets are more relaxed, allowing more compatibility with current UK construction practices. More information.

As an approved AECB certifier we are currently involved in certifying two projects:

New-build school

St. Gabriel’s Primary Phase 2B teaching block, Rugby.

The project is complete.

  • Energy Consultant: Etude
  • Architects: vHH
  • AECB Certifier:  Cayford

New-build home in Suffolk

Cayford has been appointed as energy consultant & AECB Certifier (note: this combined role is now not possible for the AECB Certification, with the new guidelines the energy consultant cannot be the same person as the certifier).

The client wished to reduce the amount of water systems and moving parts in the new building, so the design team adopted an air delivery system for heat and cooling.  This is an air-to air heat-pump system, which is combined with MVHR mechanical ventilation heat recovery.  (HPV Heat Pump Ventilation).

The project is currently under construction.

  • Architects: Project Orange
  • Heating & Cooling: Total Home Environment
  • Energy Consultant & AECB Certifier:  Cayford
New home in Suffolk - AECB Certification
New home in Suffolk - AECB Certification
HPV heat pump ventilation – schematic