• In praise of the Kids Company

    In praise of the Kids Company

    Camila Batmanghelidjh, founder of the Kids Company, died on 1st January 2024. My practice worked closely with the Kids Company at the height of their activities between 2010 and 2013.

  • AECB Certification

    AECB Certification

    The AECB standards provide a more accessible way of achieving a low energy certification than full Passivhaus; whilst the AECB standards are based on the passivhaus methodology…

  • Passivhaus ENERPHIT

    Passivhaus ENERPHIT

    Enerphit makes sense when you are doing a major renovation, as a deep retrofit is required to install the energy saving measures required.

  • A breath of fresh air

    A breath of fresh air

    As winter nights draw in, accelerated by the clocks changing, we will spend more time inside, whether snuggled up in our own homes, or using communal spaces & buildings.

  • Better Design, Better Democracy

    Better Design, Better Democracy

    How does the layout of a space shape the outcome of the activity in it?